What settings are available while scheduling a session?

A teacher or an admin can set the following settings on the session scheduling page:

One-time and Permanent sessions

A one-time session will generate an exclusive link for a particular session and the next session will require another link. The instructor simply needs to define the start date and start time to begin a session. 

A permanent session can be used for a series of live sessions. The link for the room will remain the same for the designated time frame. The instructor needs to specify the start date, end date, start time, and specific days of the week to be held on. 

If specific days are not selected, then it will become a session that can be used anytime and the host can use it multiple times a day. The instructor, thus, need not have to schedule a recurring session repeatedly, rather can plan the whole schedule at once.

one time.png

Recurring Permanent sessions

While scheduling a permanent session, if specific days are not selected, then it will become a session that can be launched and reused regardless of time and the host can use it multiple times a day.


Show and hide recordings from the students.

The teacher has the exclusive right to either show or hide recordings from the students. In order to hide the recordings from participants, mark the checkbox against the “Hide recordings from participants” option.


Setting the classroom layout

The layout of the classroom can be set to any of the following views:

Classroom View

In this view, the left panel is provided for videos and chat, a large area for whiteboard, content sharing, and screen sharing.

Gallery View

The gallery view is just like face-to-face conversation and is mainly used for group classes, meetings, and collaboration.

Full-Screen View

The full-screen view is optimized for hybrid classes physical whiteboard is being used in the room. Thus, to enhance clarity and better visibility, the full-screen view can be used.

Split Screen View

The Split Screen view is optimized for group classes or training where video conversation and content are equally important.

Full whiteboard View

The full Whiteboard View gives the entire space to content to be displayed since it may be more important than video. However, the audio will still be functional in the normal way. 

Apart from the above-mentioned views, the host can zoom in or focus on any of the participants for a better view of the speaker or the presenter.

The default layout of the classroom is classroom view.

In order to set the layout of the classroom, select the layout option from the panel on the left side of the whiteboard and select the desired classroom layout.


Setting the learner access

  1. Under the default permission for the participants, the instructor can grant audio, both audio and video and writing access to the learner. The instructor may take away these rights at any point if needed.


Allow participants to attend sessions without Signing up

MeritHub allows the participants to attend a session without signing up. However, the instructor is authorized to regulate this setting in the beginning of the session. 

This can be accessed under the default settings for the participants. The instructor can grant this permission by marking the checkbox against the statement.

Contributed by:
Gurjinder Singh