How to create course curriculum and upload content in MeritHub Courses?

The instructor can create a course curriculum and upload different kinds of content on MeritHub. This can be done in the following manner:

  1. Select the Courses/Batches section from the home screen of the particular organization.

  1. Select the particular course under which the content has to added.

  1. Select the desired batch and click on the Content subsection.

  1. Click on the Add option. The Dropdown menu will open the list of a variety of different content types such as file, session, article, assignment, quiz etc.

  1. The instructor can create separate sections for the learners within the batch by clicking on the Section option and then adding a name to the section and then clicking on the add section option.

  1. This way multiple sections can be added within a batch and each section can have its own files, articles, sessions, assignments, and quizzes/tests.

  1. To add a file in a batch click on the Add option and select File option select the desired file from the drive. The selected file will be added into the course.

  1. A new session can also be scheduled for the batch by clicking on the Add option and then selecting the session option. A new session can be scheduled by clicking on the round Blue button at the bottom right corner of the sessions window.

  1. An article can also be added to the course by selecting the Article option from the drop down menu of the add option.

  1. Add a Title and Description to the article the description can also include text images files attachments etc. Click on the Add Article option to add the article in the course. 

  1. The course content can also be rearranged within the page by simply dragging and dropping at the desired location.

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