How to add quizzes in courses at MeritHub?

In order to add quizzes in courses at MeritHub, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Select the Courses/Batches section from the home screen of the particular organization.

  1. Select the particular course under which the quiz has to be added.

  1. Select the desired batch and click on the Content subsection.

  1. Select the appropriate Section and then click on three bars on the right side of it and click on Quiz/Test option from the drop-down menu.

  1. Select the quiz that you want to add or a new quiz can also be created on the spot by clicking on the round Blue button at the bottom right corner and selecting the Create Quiz/Question option.

MeritHub - Quiz and Online Practice Test (2).png
  1. Select a start time and end time of the quiz if needed and click on the Add Quiz option.

  1. Quiz will be successfully added to the course and the teacher can view the leaderboard by clicking on the particular quiz under the content section and selecting the Leaderboard option. After attempting the quiz, students can also see their detailed report and compare their preparation with peers using Leaderboard.

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