What Are The Best Alternatives to Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a free learning management software used to communicate with learners. It is easy to use and can be accessed from any device for effective communication and sharing. A tutor can share assignments, files, PPTs, video links, quizzes, and updates. It has a very friendly user interface and the learners can interact with their colleagues in the comment section. The teacher can also get feedback in the comment section. But there are some disadvantages of Google classroom like it has no automated quizzes and tests. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the best alternatives to Google Classroom which are as follows:


Merithub is a very dynamic platform that can solely replace various platforms like Google Classroom, Canvas LMS, Kahoot, and Quizizz. It is a globally trusted software and used in various countries by tutoring agencies, Online schools and colleges, and by various companies that provide online courses. With MeritHub, the tutor can share assignments, files, PPTs, updates, and all information to the learners very smoothly. It is designed in such a way that it is very to use and reliable on all devices. It is a platform where the teacher and student can engage in a centralized manner. The attendance feature takes the attendance automatically. The additional library can be used to store online books and various academic content. The calendar is also attached where tutors can mark the day-to-day goals. Quizzes and tests can be held with MeritHub and evaluations are automatic. The tutor can also upload the material to the drive for separate batches and grades. Multiple online  Whiteboards, Screen sharing, session recording, and one-to-one interaction present on this single platform replace the Google Classroom and meet and hence become very easy to use. 


Canvas LMS

Canvas LMS is an online learning management software widely used in the USA and is one of the fastest-growing worldwide. It brings teachers, students, and tools together on an online platform. In canvas, it is easy to create courses. Grading of tests is easy in canvas due to all files being collected at the same place. The interface provided is very user-friendly. Teachers can easily send announcements and messages and participate in discussions. Teachers can update the course content very easily.



Moodle is also one of the learning engagement software widely used in the world. It is also used for sharing files, documents, courses, and study materials. Moodle gives the ability to users to set up multiple courses within a workshop. Moodle is an open and free Content Management System.



Schoology is an online teaching platform that helps teachers to manage their classrooms, share academic content and all teaching activities in an online mode. It can be also used to interact with students, take quizzes, and share assignments. Schoology tries to make ensure that online teaching should be as much effective as Offline teaching. The assessment tools allow for some self-graded task and hence makes the evaluation faster.



Edmodo is also a platform to connect teachers and students to communicate. It is also very easy to use. It allows the teachers to communicate, share files, upload assignments and create quizzes. It allows the students to communicate among themselves and teachers to communicate with them individually or in the group.



Blackboard is a learning management system software that empowers online teaching by making it modern, intuitive, and a fully responsive interface. An open discussion feature is also available. It has its own built-in video software to collaborate with others.



Showbie is a learning management software mainly preferred by teachers which empowers them to deliver quickly and easily personalized feedback and assessment to the students. An annotation function is available that can be used by both teacher and student.

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