What Are The Best Alternative to Canvas LMS

As online teaching and learning are grabbing a trend nowadays, it is becoming the need of teachers and educational institutions, to have some best options for learning management software. We already know about Canvas LMS and its features. But to make your online teaching experience even better you must try out some best alternatives to Canvas LMS. 

In this article, we will see some of the best alternatives to Canvas LMS. That will help you in deciding the best LMS for your educational work. 

MeritHub - [https://merithub.com/]


MeritHub is the top alternative to Canvas LMS because it is specifically built for online teaching and learning management systems. The features provided in MeriHub will make your LMS using experience next level. MeritHub is a globally trusted learning management system as it is used in 50+ countries. MeritHub is specifically built to provide all teaching and learning solutions that give an edge to this platform over Canvas LMS. The main features that MeritHub provides you are following -

  • Audio/Video communication

  • Chat collaboration

  • Multiple screen sharing

  • Multiple whiteboards

  • Digital library

  • WebRTC based/no download

  • Multiple hosts/instructors

  • Multiple whiteboards

  • Mobile & iPad ready

  • Share images, ppts, multimedia files


Moodle - [https://moodle.org/]


Moodle is a cloud-based learning management system. You can use it on any system (Mac, Windows, Android, IOS). It is a good platform for synchronous and asynchronous learning. This LMS software features SCORM compliance, gamification, built-in course authoring, video conferencing, etc. This software is very simple to use, requires zero maintenance, comes with flexible course building capabilities, and is an affordable LMS option. You can also create custom certificates for rewarding the students according to their performances in the classroom. 

Blackboard learn - [https://www.blackboard.com/]


Blackboard Learn is a web-based learning management system. Blackboard Learn is a flexible learning platform that enables you to extend online learning, increase employee engagement and optimize learning outcomes. This learning management platform helps you to stay organized, easily take action, and engage with content. Some highlighted features of Blackboard Learn are reporting, analytics, quiz making, e-commerce, classroom training management, and admission management.  

TalentLMS -  [https://www.talentlms.com/]


TalentLMS is cloud-based learning management software that comes with a bunch of engaging features that elevates its utility worth. It can easily be installed on android and ios. It has many features like content delivery/tracking, manager portals, content creation, content libraries, customer training, and content management. TalentLMS supports synchronous and asynchronous learning. It has many tools that help you in creating engaging content. In TalentLMS, certification management, SCORM compliance, gamification are also available.

Teachable - [https://teachable.com/]


Teachable is a learning management system that allows teachers from any field to create courses and share knowledge with new learners. In Teachable, you can take engaging lectures and create notes. You can use it only on mac or windows. In Teachable, you can use power editor to create engaging, multimedia lectures, videos, and coaching sessions. Teachable is also integrable with many applications. It provides unlimited video bandwidth and unlimited courses options with paid plans.  


BrainCert is another mention in the list of alternatives to Canvas LMS. It is a cloud-based mobile-ready learning management software. This platform includes four powerful modules in a single, unified system which include virtual classroom, courses platform, content management system, and online testing platform. It enables trainers to hold seminars online, host live conferences and engage with their learners regardless of their location in the world.


Absorb LMS is a powerful alternative to Canvas LMS as it supports a user-friendly admin interface and scalable technology. Absorb LMS also provides many integration options that make it more useful. Absorb LMS also provides an automated training option. Some of Absorb LMS’s main features are smart administration, learner engagement, observation checklist, and content libraries. It also features online course assembly, instructor-led training courses, e-commerce coupons, and scheduled reporting.


CourseMill can also be considered as an alternative to Canvas LMS. CourseMill is a web-based learning management system that provides features that make online training organized and accessible, its primary focus is improving the learning experience of your learners. CourseMill learning management system is a more user-friendly, easy-to-use, and visually engaging platform. 

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