How can the admin share the content with teachers to use in MeritHub?

If you have content that you want to share with your all teachers so that they can bring it on the whiteboard and share it with the students and annotate on it, then you can create subject-wise folders and subfolders and upload content in them.

Admin while uploading any file/folder into its drive can share it with the teachers by clicking on share with the host/teacher while uploading the file as shown in the below images.

Screenshot (989).png (1920×1080).png
Drive - MeritHub (58).png (536×786).png

Admin from its drive folder can select the file which is required to be shared among the hosts/teachers. Click on the three dots in front of the file and then click on edit as shown in the below images.

Drive - MeritHub (37).png (703×746).png

Then select -> share with -> host and save as shown in the below image.

Drive - MeritHub (35).png (702×805).png

Sharing content with a particular teacher

Suppose if admin wants to send a file to a specific teacher then follow the below steps:

  • Go to Admin Console

  • Go to Manage users

  • Select the drive of the instructor you want to send the file

  • Upload the file there

Refer to the below images for more info

Network Users - MeritHub.png
Drive - MeritHub (56).png (615×785).png
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