Students' Messages

Ayas Ranjan Majhi

His guidance & classes are what got me qualified despite mediocre personal efforts. I never contemplated UPSC questions to come directly from class but it did, I firmly believe that anyone can nail the prelims solely from his notes

Karan Raj

THE IAS GURU’s strategy of exhaustive as well as intensive coverage of the topics actually meets the benchmarks that UPSC has set year after year through its question papers. With utmost importance to writing practice for the mains examination no stone is left unturned. Expert guidance of Our Sir really acts as a lighthouse for students like us who aspire to clear UPSC.

J Nihar Ranjan

Being a student of Our sir is a different experience in itself. The way he builds up confidence and a winning attitude in an aspirant is the asset of THE IAS GURU. The best factor about the place is the mentor's personal touch and accessibility.

Nitijita Mishra

THE IAS GURU is a golden platform for civil service aspirants as it imparts appropriate ambience for continual learning and infuses proper key concepts of curriculum thoroughly into the minds of students to realize their dreams of getting into IAS.
Through THE IAS GURU I have come to realize my potential of cracking Civil services Exam. Thanks to the lucid and elaborative explanation of subject matter by Our Sir. Long Live THE IAS GURU.

Bihari Lal Gupta

With innovative approach to guiding aspirants of civil services, THE IAS GURU has proved that one who can dream about IAS, he can achieve that of course one has to work hard. Here we are trained to write not only for exams but also to think and provide rational approach to any problem ahead.

Bharati Sahoo

THE IAS GURU has been playing a dynamic role in the field of nurturing the IAS aspirants. It creates a friendly atmosphere which motivates the aspirants in the track of their goal. It helps us to extend efforts beyond our limits and feel the leverage and achieve our dreams. It keeps on updating the students with the changing scenario by creating a winning spirit among us. It is said that the journey of picnic should start from the journey itself. Similarly it creates confidence and feeling of a responsible leader in the minds of the aspirants from the very beginning itself which make our dreams come true.

Asish Kumar

THE IAS GURU is the place which makes me feel that I have taken a right decision regarding my career. Classes are very interactive, knowledge enhancing, and interesting here. Classroom atmosphere always motivates and encourages me to work harder. Our sir has got an excellent way of teaching and putting his points which I feel has helped me a lot to develop my analytical ability. I think that I am very fortunate to be a part of this institution.

Dr Yashpal Saurav

I joined THE IAS GURU campus 15 months back run by Mr. Our Sir. He is exceptionally good in providing better and harmonious study environment in THE IAS GURU campus. I have never found a Mentor like Our Sir. He always focuses on excellent and efficient way of delivering his lectures. THE IAS GURU is goal oriented and knows whatever is to be taught in the right amount.

Susanta Kumar Jena

THE IAS GURU is an institution which has instilled in me the confidence, knowledge and strategy that help to nurture a student and empowers him to achieve the dream goal of becoming an IAS officer. Our Chief Mentor Our Sir is a source of inspiration to all the students of this institution. I feel confident and happy, and a sense of comfort accompanies our learning experience with Our Sir. This is surely the sign of the bright future of the students and the institution. It feels good and quite easy to gain the knowledge with him which can provide a better way to succeed in future.